Booking your Wedding Officiant

How to book Lori for your wedding ceremony

When you contact Lori, she will make arrangements to meet with you at your earliest possible convenience. Lori can meet near your wedding site, if convenient, or closer to your residence if you are nearer the GTA area.

Lori will arrange a meeting with you to meet and go over what you envision for your ceremony and get acquainted to make sure you are comfortable with your decision to choose her as your wedding officiant. This meeting usually takes about an hour with the opportunity to answer most of your questions at this time about the ceremony details, format, content and so on. Or questions surrounding her participation in and after the ceremony such as “What do you wear?” (A black suit is worn!) or “Do you expect to be invited to the reception?” (While Lori does not expect to be invited to the reception, if she is invited and available, she would be delighted to join the reception dinner!) Frequently she is asked to say a blessing over the meal prior to dinner, and she is honoured to perform that role if requested.) However, it is customary to invite Lori to join the rehearsal dinner as it frequently falls over the dinner hour and often after long travel to attend. If the venue is further than an hour and 1/2 drive, please make arrangements for her to stay overnight. All other questions can be addressed at the first meeting, or by phone or email as questions arise.

If you are comfortable and wish to go ahead you may wish to bring a deposit to the meeting to hold the date ($200 cash or cheque made payable to Lori LaRonde). Or, for your convenience, you may send an email transfer to (The ‘answer to the question asked’ would be your wedding date, lowercase, no space. eg. august10.) The balance of the fee can be given in a post-dated cheque for 30 days prior to wedding date or email transfer (see the Services and Fees page). Many couples pay the whole amount in advance to have one less detail closer to the date. (NSF cheques have a $45 service charge which makes paying the fee in advance (or by cash or email transfer) easier especially since we book sometimes a year in advance.)

Afterwards, Lori will stay in touch through email, texting, skype, phone, or in person as needed.

If you are unable to meet, feel free to contact the resort where Lori performs weddings for a reference. You may be comfortable to know, that Lori books many of her weddings without meeting the couples until a later date. The resorts are confident in recommending Lori to perform an absolutely beautiful ceremony for you, and Lori is sure that you will be happy with her services.

Please call and Lori would be delighted to talk to you about your ceremony.

Cell 519-574-9090.